Career in Cabin Crew and Ground Staff of Aviation Industry

Career in Cabin Crew and Ground Staff of Aviation Industry

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Air hostess, cabin crew, flight attendant, stewardess, steward…these are all different names for the same career options. The cabin crew members plays the important role and responsible for the safety of passengers in flight . They are also responsible for the hospitality and providing excellent customer service to passengers throughout the flight . They are responsible for proper comfort of passengers and they deal with medical and emergency situation that might arise during the flight .The primary job role of a cabin crew is safety of passengers and secondary is good customer service and hospitality .

Cabin crew are the brand ambassador of the airline .They portray a good image of the airline for first time flyers or regular flyers. They go beyond the expectations of passengers need and taking good care of the guest all the time by resolving the queries related to flight or any other assistance.

They are responsible for doing the Primary flight check of all the safety equipment, They do manual passenger safety demonstration to know passenger about the basic use of oxygen masks, seat belt and life jackets .They give briefing to passengers in seated next to emergency exits , mother with infants , physically challenged passengers and other briefings too if required.


The job of ground staff is vast and varied. They have to perform various works from commercial to technical handling for safe and steady departure and arrival of an aircraft.

They work at airports to keep airplanes running efficiently. From welcoming passengers to an aircraft’s take-off, airport ground staff and air operations personnel play a crucial role in areas such as commercial activities, airline operations and the running of airports.


  1. The ground staff are responsible for passenger service duties, which include the manning of check-in counters for departing passengers, as well as arrival and departure gates.
  2. To ensure passenger comfort, the ground crew is responsible for all cabin services.
  3. Passenger service agents are hired by airlines to attend to customers before, after, or between flights.
  4. Answering questions and assisting passengers with various needs.
  5. Taking reservations.
  6. Issuing tickets.
  7. Verifying passenger identification & printing boarding passes.
  8. Helping travelers to check in their baggage at ticket counters.
  9. Ensuring the delivery of baggages.
  10. Conducting security screenings of passengers and their baggage may be required as well.



  • Any Male or Female
  • Age Between 18-25 for Boys & 18-27 for Girls
  • Good Command over in English
  • 12th or Graduation completed.


Any Aviation Diploma / Aviation Certificate / Aviation Courses completed students will get Preference.

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Lots & Lots of Jobs in Airport/Airline Industry.

1.Cabin Crew Jobs – Salary Rs.30k to Rs.40k

2.Ground Staff Jobs – Salary Rs.15k to Rs.22k

Airline jobs are not going away. Most in demand right now are pilots and mechanics, although as technology continues to evolve, there were no doubt be new careers with new skills requirements. Right now, careers in aviation account for over $1.5 trillion in the U.S. economy alone, In India its 22.1 Billion. Career options in Grounds Crew/Flight Attendants/ Air hostess are for those who want to get around aviation without the demand of education and training beyond high school, a grounds crew or flight attendant position may be a good option. These do not require special skills beyond the training that airlines provide upon hire. Flight attendants may find pay more lucrative with some of the major foreign airlines, as there is great demand for English-speaking attendants.

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Aviation Job Profiles

A career in Aviation industry is such that aspirants would not have fixed work hours/shifts. While the first profession that comes to mind when thinking of a career in the Aviation industry is that of a Pilot but it is worth knowing that there is a plethora of other career profiles that candidates can pursue in this field. Some of the popular job profiles that candidates can hope to pursue in this field are as mentioned below:

Aircraft Electrical Installer or Technician

Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer


Airport Operations Manager

Air Traffic Controller

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Quality Control Personnel

Flight Steward/Stewardess (Airhostess)

Ground Staff

Air Ticketing Staff