How to Start a Career as an App Developer

How to Start a Career as an App Developer

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You have decided to begin a profession as a mobile developer; however you aren't certain how to begin. No worries, the motive of this article is to offer you with tips for getting started as well as sources and guidelines that will make your journey more pleasant.

What programming language should you choose?

When developing mobile apps, you could go both with native development or cross-platform development.

Native development means writing code the use of Java or Kotlin for building Android apps or the use of Swift for building iOS apps. On the alternative hand, cross-platform development means the use of React Native, which makes use of JavaScript; Xamarin which makes use of C#; or Flutter, which makes use of Dart for building apps.

What are correct methods of learning?

Regardless in case you develop apps for Android or iOS, the best way to learn how app improvement is simply by coding and practicing. Reading is important, and looking tutorials as well, however they may be useless if you do not write code and create apps. Our suggestions for speeding the learning process are the following:

  1. Create apps which you would really like to have for yourself:They do not need to be complicated, beautiful, or perfect. The purpose is as a way to practice and get familiar with the SDKs. As your skills improve, you may certainly add more complexity, make higher UX interfaces, and perhaps earn cash with your apps.
  2. Try recreating current apps: There are many YouTube channels dedicated to recreating current apps. The good thing about those channels is which you get to put into effect the whole app and learn the way different people implement certain features.
  3. Create prototypes:Let’s say that you need to learn how to apply a new library, however you do not have a selected task or concept in which to implement it. Then simply create a small prototype whose purpose is to check and attempt out that library you need to study about. Save the prototype in your GitHub account and use it as a reference for any future task.

How to stay up-to-date

The beauty about the computing world is that technology advances very rapid and what's relevant one year, might also additionally come to be obsolete the next one. This is likewise a curse since staying updated might also additionally feel like a task. Use the following 3 sources to stay updated with the trendy technology and developments of mobile development:

  1. Official Documentation:Follow Google’s and Apple’s officialwebsite, in addition to Android’s YouTube channel for staying updated with the latest developments, suggestions, and releases.
  2. Forums and Blogs: There are tons of forums and blogs out there. In fact, it isn't viable to follow all of them because there are simply too many.
  3. Job Listings:To understand what companies are searching for in mobile developers, I endorse studying the outline for mobile development jobs. You will discover what technology and capabilities companies arelooking for for in mobile developers. The data provided will guide you on what to focus your studies, what capabilities to develop, and what libraries to study.


Now more than ever, there's a significant need for mobile developers. There are many methods of developing mobile applications; however, we suggest initially native development. Android and iOS are both excellent platforms. Just select out the only you want the maximum and begin developing for it. The best way of learning is by developing easy apps for your self and trying to recreate current apps. Finally, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest information and trends. To do so, follow your preferred blogs, authors, and read job listings to stay updated with the technology and skills companies are searching for.